Sales Coaching

Our approach to Sales Coaching is based on a step by step methodology supported by metrics, KPI’s and other data, made available by the client.
The participants have the opportunity to learn and practice both theoretical and practical sales coaching skills as well as interpersonal ones.
The trainings comprise of 1/2 Theory and 1/2 role plays and peer coaching.

For Whom

• Sales manages (across levels)
• Retail managers
• Inside sales managers
• Call center managers


• Experiencing actual role plays using different coaching tools and including the GROW model
• Utilising their own data and metrics to practice


• Increase performance of the sales teams, through the application of a homogeneous approach, towards the team in terms of cadence, approach and tools

The Process

One day workshop. All workshops are designed based on the customers’ business needs and industry. They include the following steps:

  1. A kickoff meeting between all stakeholders (such as the Head of HR, the line manager) to set expectations and deliverables
  2. Workshop design
  3. Workshop delivery
  4. A follow up meeting between stakeholders to discuss findings deliverables and next steps to secure sustainability
  5. Individual sales coaching sessions, if deemed appropriate

The outcome of the engagement, is to a large extent determined by the quality of the relation between the coach and the coachee. In addition to employing behavioral interventions and tools, such as NLP, GROW and PRAID, our coachees also focus on the client’s process.

We ensure that we focus as much on aligning the coachee’s performance with the company vision and strategy as we do on supporting the coachee’s personal and professional evolution. Support and challenge come in equal measure and excellence is uncompromisingly pursued.

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