Team Management Workshops


2 full-day experiential workshops covering the subjects:
• How to manage self and others
• How to motivate self and others
• How to problem solve
• How to plan for self and others

For Whom

• C-level executives
• managers
• entrepreneurs
• high potentials


• Identify top opportunities for development in managing teams
• Explore different approaches in managing, motivating and planning for yourself and others, as employed in top-tier organisations
• Learn structured problem-solving approaches
• Practice tools through exercises and roleplays, tailored to on-the-job experiences
• Form action plans for sustainable change


• Improve on existing managerial skills to consistently build and guide high-performance teams

The Process

Our proposal comprises 3 meetings:

  • A kick-off meeting between the sponsor and the coach to agree on content, prework (e.g., surveys, personality assessments, etc.), expectations (e.g., NPS scores) and deliverables (e.g., handouts, tests, etc.)
  • Two on-site or off-site 6hr sessions (not including breaks)
  • A follow up meeting between stakeholders to assess performance

Get Started

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