Tereza Venetsanou

Hello, I’m Tereza Venetsanou founder of Winning Culture.

Founder of Winning Culture, Tereza is an Organisational Development and Business Transformation Consultant, Executive Coach and NLP Master Practitioner. Originally from a marketing background, Tereza has held leadership positions in multinational corporations such as Microsoft, Vodafone Global Enterprises and Wind. Currently, she is leveraging her corporate experience paired with coaching skills to consult and advise senior business leaders in the creation of state-of-the-art business models and solutions. Whilst supporting Impact through a combination of business development, training and coaching expertise, she is also supporting Vodafone Partner Services as a Sales Transformation Consultant.

Her focus has always been to drive and accelerate sales and business performance through people. She is as competent in generating marketing plans and supporting strategic priorities as she is in coaching senior leaders and building strong teams. During her career, she won numerous awards for extraordinary achievements and has a track record for successfully implementing transformational initiatives both at Vodafone Global Enterprises and at Microsoft. Her vision is to empower teams and individuals to reach their full potential within their business context.

She is a mother of two, devoted in personal development, constant learning and travelling.


Tereza Venetsanou